Gokul Mauli Sugars – Sudden Storm Hits The Factory With 1.5 Cr Worth Losses


ChiniMandi, Solapur: Tadwal (Tal. Akkalkot) on Wednesday witnessed a sudden storm and heavy showers resulting in damage worth 1.5 Crore. The incident took place between 8 to 9 pm when the storm was hit unexpectedly.

In this damage, metal sheets over water sewage house and sugar house flew away. The Factory’s shed stag was broken, electric cables and cable tray structures were severely damaged.

Factory workers were working late night for preparations of the upcoming crushing season, as per reports however no life loss or injury is reported.

The committee of Gokul Mauli Sugars has given affirmations over the incident along with financial losses.

High damage to 50 tonnes Crane

Crane of 50 tonnes was taken for machinery fixing, due to the heavy storm, the crane came down from over 100 feet and broke down having losses of around 1.5 cr. to the factory.



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