Good News for Indian Startups


Reliance Jio and Microsoft announced a long term partnership on Monday at their 42nd AGM that will bring in the Azure Cloud on JIO Network earmarking the business users attempting a technological shift with access to tools and platforms. Jio will bring in connectivity and cloud infrastructure free for startups. Ambani said that special services of connectivity for startups would be available from January, 1 2021 and startups can start registering on the Jio portal.

In a live address at the RIL AGM, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “Together, we will offer a comprehensive technology solution.”

Ambani also announced that Jio will offer connectivity and applications to MSMEs starting at Rs 1,500 per month and Jio will also invest in selective startups. Most of the products and services introduced in the AGM are from the startups in which RIL made investments recently. The company invested in 14 such startups that complement Jio’s services, he added.

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