Good news for sugarcane farmers: UP government approves extra subsidies on pesticides

Commissioner, Cane and Sugar, Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy informed that at present there is a provision of subsidy for crop protection under the 02 programmes of District plan. A subsidy of 50 percent of the cost or maximum of Rs.500 per hectare is given under the seed and soil treatment programme, on the chemical used in the soil treatment at the time of sowing of sugarcane and for the chemicals used for seed treatment. Ratoon management programme provides for subsidy which is 50 percent of the cost or maximum Rs. 150 per hectare for the chemical used for the protection of ratoon crops.

He explained that this system is prevalent since the year 2012, while many new effective pesticides have come in the market and the price of these chemicals has also increased. In view of the increased cost of pesticides, sugarcane farmers are requesting to increase the subsidy. Due to increase in the price of pesticides and availability of limited subsidy, many farmers are not able to take interest towards adoption of crop protection measures.

In view of the larger interest of sugarcane farmers, the State Government has approved an increase in the subsidy. As per new Government order of the State Government, now the sugarcane farmers will be able to get maximum Rs. 900 per hectare or 50 percent of the cost of any crop protection chemical used for the protection of sugarcane crop, provided that the chemical must belong to the approved list of chemicals notified by the Government of India.

Now farmers can use any recommended chemical for sugarcane plant crop, it can be used for soil treatment, seed treatment, standing crop or ratoon management etc. As a result of this decision taken by the State Government for increase in Subsidy, in the interest of sugarcane farmers, speedy implementation of crop protection measures in cane cultivation will be ensured along with increase in the total production of sugarcane and the cost of sugarcane production of the farmers will decrease.



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