Government hikes ethanol prices; sugar mills and cane growers to get benefit


New Delhi: The Union Cabinet on Thursday announced the hike in ethanol prices for supply to oil marketing companies. The decision was taken to give relief to sugar mills and sugarcane farmers.

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar during a cabinet briefing said the price of ethanol for doping in petrol has been raised by 5-8 per cent. New price fixed for ethanol produced from sugar is Rs 62.65 per litre, ethanol manufactured from ‘B’ heavy molasses is Rs 57.61 per litre, and ethanol manufactured from ‘C’ heavy molasses is Rs 45.69 per litre.

The Indian government aims to boost ethanol production, therefore it is taking various steps for the same. To strengthen the financial condition of sugar mills and cut oil imports, the government asked mills to focus on ethanol production.


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