Government is looking to enhance share of food export to the world: Food Processing Secretary

New Delhi: Sharing insights on the need to maintain international quality in processed food exports, Anita Praveen, Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing Industry, Government of India urged the industry to consider cutting down the profit margins to meet the international standard of Indian food products.

She was speaking at the 15th Foodworld India 2024 organised by the industry body Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), a non-governmental trade association.

“The companies say that they meet India standards which is okay but we have international standard which is better. The profit margins may have to be cut a little bit to meet these standards,” she said while emphasising the importance to adhere to the international standard for food products in the international markets.

“If Europe can have a food quality which has zero sugar, why do we have to have three per cent at all? We have to move to an area where we are cleared of any such allegation,” she further added.

Affirming the government support for the food processing industry, she added that the Ministry is always open to discussing issues of the industry.

She urged the industry players to work towards enhancing the quality and diversifying the food produced in the international market.

“We have been relying only on supplying Fafada and Paratha but the time has come to look at the international taste and start manufacturing products which appeal to everyone’s taste the world over. We need to expand that. If you look at the export numbers, we export more of the basic products which are mostly either frozen or dried packed products. I see a huge gap. The margin of making value addition and making money for the sector is high there,” she urged the industry to work to expand the variety and quality.

She further added that the government is looking to enhance the share of the food export to the world.

“We need to ensure if the product is going from India the product has to be really good in quality. The responsible production is our duty. The sector has to be more responsible,” she added.

(With inputs from ANI)




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