Government issues clarification regarding ERO for mills having stock of raw sugar

New Delhi: Government has issued clarification regarding Export Release Order (ERO) for sugar mills where they are having stock of raw sugar.

Centre has granted permission to the sugar mills/exporter/refinery to export refined sugar even if they have permits to export raw sugar.

In a letter sent to sugar mills on August 17, exporters, Ministry of consumer affairs, DFPD said, “Raw sugar is either directly exported or after value addition of such raw sugar by refinery it is exported in the form of refined sugar. Therefore, it is clarified that the customs authorities may allow exports of raw sugar or refined sugar manufactured from such raw sugar by the refinery/ sugar mill/ exporter. Such refinery/sugar mills which have procured raw sugar from the sugar mill within the quantity mentioned against the name of the raw sugar manufacturer in the ibid ERO dated 05.08.2022 are allowed to export refined sugar on producing relevant contract and invoice between the raw sugar manufacturers and refined sugar manufacturers.”

Click here to read letter issued by GOI to sugar mills, exporters


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