Government may liquidate properties of sugar mill owners and issue payment to cane growers

Kathmandu: The Nepal government has assured the cane producing farmers that the sugar mills will be compelled to pay pending arrears by the third week of January, this year.

Lekhraj Bhatta, minister of Commerce and Supplies and Industry while addressing the meeting of farmers, assured that the government will ensure that sugar mills clear the dues.

Bhatta said that the cane farmers would get 80 per cent of their dues within the next ten days. The mill operators committed to clear all dues by the third week of January. If mills fail to clear dues, the government will initiate legal action against them.

The government has already directed Police to arrest a mill operator who was absconding without clearing farmers’ dues.

Bhatta assured cane growers that, if necessary, the government would even liquidate properties of mill owners and issue payment to farmers. “The government has many options to make sugar mill operators pay farmers and will use them in time, if needed, he further added.

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