Government mulling increasing sugar MSP for new season: Media reports

News wire agency Informist has reported that the Government is mulling over raising the Minimum Selling Price (MSP) of sugar for the upcoming season of 2024-25 starting 1st October.

The sugar MSP is likely to be revised for the next sugar season and not the current season, Informist quoted a senior Government official.

“The Government will only give a reasonable hike, which will be below the industry demand,” the official said. The industry has been demanding that the MSP sugar be raised to 40-41 rupees/ kg.

The official pointed out that though the fair prices of cane were announced in February, it will be effective only from the next sugar season starting October 1.

The sugar industry is hoping that the Government will revise the sugar MSP and align it with the increase in cane FRP, which will improve the liquidity of the sugar industry and help them make timely payments to cane farmers.


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