Government plan soon for healthy lifestyle during 21-day coronavirus lockdown

New Delhi [India], Mar 26 (ANI): In a bid to encourage people to follow a healthy lifestyle during their 21 days lockdown home quarantine, the Union Ministry of Health is chalking out a plan called Behavioral Social Intervention for COVID-19. According to the official, experts from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS) and the Indian Association of Psychology Society are developing innovative activities for people to boost their mental health.

It may be noted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a complete lockdown due to the scare of coronavirus outbreak. “Experts have come together to frame unique and healthy ideas for vulnerable groups like elderly, children and young adults so that they can engage themselves in fruitful work,” said the official.

“Our plan is to encourage community because at this time chances are high that people in quarantine and isolation develop symptoms of depression. We will reach out to RWAs, through phone calls and they would sensitise their neighbours and others that not to panic,” the official added.

A senior doctor from NIMHANS said that health ministry is soon going to release the strategies to strengthen the mental health illness of the people across the country.
Dr. Nand Kumar, Professor of the psychiatric department at AIIMS said: “Irrespective of whether lockdown is good or bad we need to understand that it is reality and we are bound to face it whether we like it or not. Why not accept and put our physical and mental resources to cope with it in a positive manner. Lockdown is like big boss house without the option of getting expelled from the house. The positive part is everyone can be the winner.”

There are few steps that one can plan their day in a purposeful way, said doctors.

“People can make small goals in a day, learn something new, play games, follow self-discipline, make a routine and put your best to follow it,” Dr Kumar said.
“It is also a time for social connectivity with old friends and family through a video call. Family members can do joint activities at home like Yoga, cooking, mediation, etc competing with each other in a healthy way. For students, reading books, watching movies of your choice, stretching exercises at home can be done. However, overeating is common in boredom, need to be avoided,” he said.

“Elderly people can see religious programmes on TV, pray or read books of their interest. They can share their life events with their family. Those who are on medicine must take it seriously,” Dr Kumar said.


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