Government plans to expand capacity of Hasanpur Gajraula sugar mill

Amroha: The budget presented by the state government includes provisions for the expansion and enhancement of the capacity of the sugar mill in Hasanpur, Gajraula, reported Amarujala.

This development has brought joy to the farmers in the region. The cooperative sugar mill in Gajraula, which currently has a crushing capacity of 2500 tons per day, is set to be increased to 4900 tons per day. Additionally, the mill will establish a distillery with a capacity to produce one lakh liters of sulfurless refined sugar and ethanol daily, along with a compressed biogas plant.

The announcement for the expansion program of the Hasanpur sugar mill was made during a public meeting held on April 26, 2018, in Hasanpur, by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. According to legislator Mahendra Khadakvanshi, the expansion of the sugar mill is underway, and the increased capacity will benefit the farmers. The government is actively implementing various schemes for the welfare of farmers, and proposals for the selection of a responsible institution for the expansion have been invited at the national level.

The selection of the institution will be made soon at the national level, and the expansion work will commence shortly. This development has been included in the budget. Krishan Kumar Sharma, the district president of the Bharatiya Kisan Sangh, mentioned that the expansion of the sugar mill will benefit the farmers, who have been facing difficulties due to the inadequate supply of cane receipts, forcing them to sell cane at lower rates.

Devesh Saini, the Tehsil President of BKU, expressed that with the doubling of the crushing capacity of the sugar mill, farmers will be able to obtain sufficient cane receipts. The main manager of the sugar mill, Rahul Yadav, stated that the expansion work of the sugar mill will begin soon, and after the expansion, farmers will be the primary beneficiaries.


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