Government proposes to run sugar mills from Mandya on PPP model


Bengaluru: The state government has proposed to use the PPP model for running loss-making sugar mills Pandavpura and Mysugar in Mandya district.

Shivaram Hebbar, minister for Sugar said, both mills are at loss from many years and a huge amount is required for their revival. We have the option to either sell them to a private entity or run on PPP model.

He said that steps for enhancing the crushing capacity and cogeneration of power in order to boost the functioning of the two mills will be taken along with repairs.

Government has spent Rs 428 crore on Mysugar in last 10 years. The mill set up in 1934 is one of the major source of income for more than 100 villages from Mandy and Srirangapatna talukas. The mill was declared sick following the poor administration, nepotism, political interference and financial irregularities.

Earlier, Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS) had demanded the state government to revive both the sugar mills.

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