Government to daily monitor outstanding cane price and speed up cane price payment


Lucknow: In compliance of the orders of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath to make speedy payment of the outstanding cane price of the sugarcane farmers of the state, the Hon’ble Minister, Sugar Industry & Cane Development department Shri Suresh Rana, has given instructions for daily monitoring of the cane price payment. It is being done at the level of Cane commissioner. A record cane price payment of Rs.76,943.02 Crore has been made to the farmers by the present government. This includes payment of Rs.30,161 Crore for crushing season 2018-19, as well as cane price payment of Rs.673.05 Crore for the current crushing season 2019-20.

Hon’ble Minister, Sugar Industry & Cane Development department Shri Suresh Rana, said that under the guidance of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of U.P. Yogi Adityanath, State Government is committed for timely cane supply of farmers to sugar mills and to make timely cane price payments to the farmers. Constant efforts are being made to improve the arrangements in this direction. In this order the Reduction on cane transport from cane purchasing centers has been fixed to 42 paise /qt/ km. with maximum limit of Maximum Rs 8.35 /qt/km, Instead of Rs 8.75/qt/km. This will give benefit to all the farmer who are supplying their cane to cane purchasing centre located with in 20 km radios of sugar mills .

Hon’ble Ministar also said, that in order to promote farmers’ Rural Industry, Khandasari and Gur Udhyog, relaxing the conditions for the Khandasari unit license and online license process and in the year 2018-19. The required minimum distance of 15 km from the sugar mills gate  has been reduced to 7.5 km, which resulted that for the first time in the last 25 years, 101 new licenses of Khandasari units have been issued, and this will add to  26,450 TCD Crushing capacity will be created. Which is be nearly equal to the crushing capacity of Six Sugar Mills.

Giving information in this regards Hon’ble Minister of Cane told that, due to the efforts made by the present government in the interest of the cane farmers, the economic condition of the farmers is improving and bringing towards happiness and prosperity to the farmers. Due to the special efforts of the Department of Cane Development, the average sugarcane productivity in the state has gone up from 72.38 to 80.50 MT per hectare in the last two and a half years, so that farmers get 8.12 MT per hectare additional cane yield. Due to this increase in cane productivity, the average income of farmers has increased to Rs.25,984 per Ha. In the last two seasons, 2142 Lakh tonnes of cane has been crushed, which is almost equal to crushing in the previous 03 years.

For the first time, the State Government has ensured payment of Rs.114.07 Crore of unpaid cane price payment to 85,178 cane farmers against due total unpaid cane price payment of Rs.129.37 Crore by launching a campaign in Cooperative Cane Societies and Sugar Mills. By adopting a sensitive approach towards cane farmers, State Government has Resolved the problem of cane supply of about one lakh cane farmers by reviving three closed sugar mills Bulandshahr, Gagalhedi and Venus of private sector and established new sugar mills of 5000 T.C.D. and 27 M.W. capacity cogeneration plant in place of the closed sugar mill Pipraich (Gorakhpur) and Munderwa (Basti) of corporation sector. The project for Capacity expansion of Cooperative Sugar Mill, Ramala (Baghpat) From 2750 T.C.D. to 5000 T.C.D. and setting up a 27 M.W. Cogen plant was inaugurated. These projects will facilitate about one lakh cane farmers in their cane supply and 11,000 thousand people will get direct/indirect employment. Under the performance improvement and modernization of cooperative sugar mills, the work of modernization has been done in Anupshahar, Nanpara, Sarsawa, Puvyan, Bellaryan and Sampurnanagar sugar mills this year.

It is also told, that for the first time arrangement has been made to give full benefit of interest subsidy by putting demand two times in a year on NABARD loan repayment, so that farmers get full benefit of interest subsidy of about  Rs. 4.5 Crore. Changing the Satta policy’ in the year 2016-17, the maximum limit of the Satta, which was 750qt, 1500qt and 3750qt  for marginal, small and general farmers respectively increased upto 850qt, for marginal farmers, 1700qt for small farmers & 4250qt  for general farmers.  As result of this the Satta of the Farmers of the State has increased upto 56 lakh qt.

Giving information regarding cane price payment Cane Commissioner, Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy informed that to ensure the payment, instructions have been given to departmental officers to take strict action against the negligent mills. Action will be taken against the mills defaulting in cane price payment and along with lodging FIR under the Section 3/7 of Essential Commodities Act, the recovery certificate (RC) will also be issued.

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