Gopinathrao Munde Ustod Kamgar Kalyan Mandal to get Rs 135 crore

Mumbai: Maharashtra government will provide Rs 135 crore to Gopinathrao Munde Ustod Kamgar Kalyan Mandal, announced deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavis on Wednesday, reports UNIINDIA.

The announcement was made during the reply to the budget debate in the State Assembly.

The question was raised by MLA Dhananjay Munde who accused the ruling party of forgetting the late Gopinathrao Munde in the budget debate and lack of funds for the Gopinathrao Munde Ustod Kamgar Kalyan Mandal.

The issue raised by Munde was resolved by the deputy chief minister and Finance minister Fadnavis after the budget discussion and he announced a fund of Rs 135 crore for the Sugarcane Workers Welfare Corporation and stated that as per the prevailing rules, if the same amount of welfare fund is collected, the corporation will get a total fund of Rs 270 crore.

Munde welcomed the announcement for the Corporation work which has been stalled for the past 8 months and thanked the government for assistance.


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