Government urged to impose sugar tax in Australia

Independent MP for Mackellar, Dr Sophie Scamps, is urging the Australian Government to impose a tax on sugary drinks.

Dr Scamps, a former general practitioner, has called for the immediate introduction of a levy on sugar-sweetened beverages and the restriction of unhealthy food marketing and advertising aimed at children.

Dr Scamps emphasized that the government must take the “two most effective steps” to combat issues related to health: imposing taxes on sugary drinks and restricting the marketing and advertising of unhealthy food to children on online and gaming platforms.

“Initiatives that only target individual behaviour will never be enough,” Dr. Scamps stated.

Citing evidence from other nations that have implemented similar measures, Dr Scamps argued that such levies encourage companies to reduce the sugar content in their products.

“It will just take guts for the Albanese government to stand up to the powerful soft drink and junk food industry,” Dr Scamps concluded.

Federal parliamentary inquiry also recommended to implement a tax on all sugar-sweetened beverages.


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