“Government will take major step to improve condition of sugar mills”


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Chandigarh: Haryana Minister of State for Cooperation Manish Kumar Grover said that the state government will take every major step in the interest of the farmers to improve the condition of sugar mills and strengthen the sugarcane growers.

About Rs 1100 crore would be spent on sugar mills and Rs 45 crore would be spent on the modernisation and renovation of Vita Milk Plant, and works on these are being carried out at rapid pace, he told the media.

Grover said that the tender of Sugar Mill, which is being built over 73 acres in Dahar village at Panipat, has already been released. A sum of more than Rs 300 crore will be spent on it whereas the work of Karnal Sugar Mill has already started. Apart from this, work is being done to increase the crushing capacity of other sugar mills in the state.

The Minister further said that in last four-and-a-half years, the present Haryana government has given the highest rate of sugarcane to the farmers. Simultaneously, direct payments are being made to farmers bank accounts.

Earlier during the rule of Congress and INLD governments, farmers used to worry about their payments but the present state government has taken a big decision in the interest of the farmers by changing the old system. In future, sugarcane growers will be linked with more hi-tech facilities, he stated.

According to Grover, Vita Milk Plants are also being made hi-tech. In Jind, curd plant has been installed and flavored bottle plant milk has been started at Rohtak Vita Plant. Soon the machines in milk plants will be equipped with modern facilities, he informed.

The directions have been issued to timely release payments of farmers. The highest rate of sugarcane is being given to farmers in Haryana, he added.

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