“Government working very closely with sugar industry to facilitate further investments into sector to ensure diversification”

Sanjeev Chopra, Secretary, DFPD and Chairman, International Sugar Organization shared insights on Indian Government’s efforts in leveraging technology to elevate sugar yield in the country. He also discussed collaboration with the industry to foster additional investments for diversification during the Sugar Conference in Dubai.

He said, “The government is firmly focused on this sector. We closely monitor movements and developments, ensuring that policies serve the best interests of all stakeholders – producers, consumers, the industry, and the 1.4 billion people of the country.”

Chopra emphasized the government’s collaboration with the industry to encourage more investments for diversification. “The government has been working very closely with the industry to facilitate further investments into the sector to ensure diversification. We just discussed last month as to how we can have more high yielding varieties to improve the yield, have more farm mechanization, micro irrigation, leverage technology to ensure that the recovery from sugarcane of sugar goes up. We are still not really up the world benchmark in terms of the yield and hope to achieve that in the coming few years. I think there is no trouble, the country has its policies very well outlined and you could see as we go along that this is one sector which India is very proud of and would ensure that this sector continues to thrive in the years to come,” he further added.


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