Govt. fixes 21 LMT monthly sugar quota for domestic sale in June 2022

ChiniMandi, New Delhi: In a notification issued on 31st day of May 2022, the food ministry has allocated 21 LMT monthly sugar quota for June 2022 to 527 sugar mills which is 1 LMT lower than the quantity allocated sugar quota in June 2021.

According to market reports, the average monthly consumption of sugar is 22-23 LMT. Considering that the beginning of monsoon in June may cause a slight decline in consumption, routine demand will still exist and prices will remain firm.

The group sugar producing companies having more than one sugar producing unit may maintain the stock as defined in Para (1) of this Order, either unit wise or for the group as a whole. The sugar-mill wise June 2022 been worked out on the basis of the following parameters

The June 2022 stock holding limit has been worked out on the basis of giving 100% weightage to the month end notional stock for the month of May 2022.

The notional month-end stock for the month of April 2022, has been worked out on the basis of month end stock for April 2022 (as reported on P-II) further adding the sugar lifted from sugar mills after 1st August, 2021 for export as per 4.3 Column of P-II (However, the benefit on account of export of sugar restricted to the MAEQ quantity allotted to the sugar mills during the last sugar season i.e. 2020-21) and subtracting actual release for May 2022.

Besides, incentive in lieu of sugar sacrificed for producing ethanol from B-heavy molasses/sugarcane juice/sugar syrup/sugar is being given corresponding to the ethanol production for April 2022.

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