Govt working on reopening Nizam sugar mill: MLA Reddy

Nizamabad: In a recent statement, P. Sudarshan Reddy, a Congress MLA, expressed optimism regarding the efforts of the state government to revive the long-dormant Nizam Sugar Factory, reported Deccan Chronicle.

Highlighting the proactive stance of Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy, Reddy confirmed the readiness of Nizam Sugars’ private management, holding a 51 percent stake, for a one-time settlement of outstanding dues with banks.

Emphasizing the government’s commitment to the revival, Reddy disclosed the establishment of a committee led by Minister D Sridhar Babu, tasked with facilitating the swift reopening of the decades-old Nizam Sugars. Reddy announced plans to dispatch a team of officials to neighbouring states to study the operational dynamics of functioning sugar factories, underlining the importance of promoting the cultivation of high-yield sugarcane seeds among farmers.

Criticizing the previous BRS government, Reddy accused it of causing significant damage to the sugarcane industry in the state, compelling farmers to shift their crop preferences. He called upon the central government to clarify its position on ethanol production, a critical aspect linked to the sugar industry and advocated for remunerative prices for sugarcane farmers.

During a visit to the Nizamabad fruit market, the MLA engaged with wholesale traders, gaining insights into the challenges they face. Present at the occasion were TPCC Vice President Taher Bin Hamdan, General Secretary G Gangadhar, as well as district and town Congress presidents Manala Mohan Reddy, Kesha Venu, and Narala Ratnakar.


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