Green Hydrogen production: Indian Sugar Industry can contribute to extent of 1 million metric tonnes per annum

A workshop on “Production of Green Hydrogen from Sugar Industry- Opportunities and Challenges held today at National Sugar Institute, Kanpur which was attended by large no. of delegates from sugar & allied industries and related associations. Shri Sanjay Khatal, Managing Director, Maharashtra State Sugar Federation Limited and Dr. Gaurav Mishra, Scientist, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy also graced the occasion. Demonstration of a pilot plant based on production of green hydrogen from compressed bio-gas was also made at the Experimental Sugar Factory of the institute.

Shri Sanjay Khatal, Managing Director, Maharashtra State Sugar Federation Limited discussed the contribution Indian Sugar Industry can make in bio-energy sector and to the national economy. Industry has to look beyond bio-power, bio-ethanol and compressed bio-gas to green hydrogen which is being considered the future fuel for attaining zero carbon emissions by 2070, he said.

In his key note address, Prof. Narendra Mohan, Director, National Sugar Institute, informed “the present global green hydrogen consumption is 100 million metric tonnes per annum which is expected to increase to 500 million metric tonnes per annum by 2050”. As per the National Green Hydrogen Mission, India is expected to have green hydrogen production of 6 million metric tonnes per annum by 2030. Indian Sugar Industry can contribute to the extent of 1 million metric tonnes per annum by producing CBG from filter cake and then converting it to green hydrogen.

There are several challenges in production of green hydrogen with respect to cost of production, safety and transport. Looking to the challenges, for developing a low cost technology, we have worked out a model in collaboration with M/s Pagnism Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Sangli for production of green hydrogen in sugar industry wherein firstly compressed bio-gas having about 92-94% methane is produced from filter cake, which is then converted to green hydrogen and carbon black, a product used in rubber, tyre and toner industry, he added.

Dr. Gaurav Mishtra, Scientist “F”, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, New Delhi, while discussing the National Green Hydrogen Mission targets informed that by 2030, it would enable import saving of 1 lakh crore, creation of 6 lakh jobs, investment to the extent of 8 lakh crores and reducing carbon di-oxide emissions to the extent of 50 million metric tonnes per annum. Production of green hydrogen has two basis targets, electrification and serving hard to abate sectors viz. refineries, chemicals, fertilizers, steel and transport etc., he said.

In his presentation, Dr. Mahesh Pagnis, Chief Executive Officer, M/s Pagnism Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Sangli detailed the “Rudra” technology developed for converting compressed bio-methane into hydrogen and carbon black. Every 100 kg of compressed bio-methane is going to yield about 25 kg of green hydrogen and 75 kg of carbon black. The methane pyrolysis is carried out in a specially designed reactor under controlled conditions and after considering revenues from carbon black, the cost of production of green hydrogen in considered to be cheaper as compared to conventional electrolysis process, said Dr. Pagnis.
Presentations were also made by Ms. Neelam Dixit and Ms. Shalini Kumari of the institute regarding various types of hydrogen, comparison of different technologies for production of green hydrogen, challenges in production and also the areas of probable utilization of green hydrogen with major thrust on transport sector.

On this occasion, sugar units, M/s Balarmpur Chini Mills Ltd. Unit Maizapur, Gonda, UP, M/s Dalmia Bharat Sugar & Industries ltd. Unit Nigohi, Shahjahanpur, UP, M/s DCM Shriram Ltd. Unit Hariawan, Hardoi, UP, M/s Dhampur Bio-organics Ltd. Unit Asmoli, Sambhal, UP, M/s Mawana Sugars Ltd. Unit Naglamal, Meerut UP, M/s Parle Biscuits Pvt Ltd. Unit Parsendi, Bahraich, UP, M/s Triveni Eng. & industries Ltd. Unit Milak Narayanpur, Rampur, UP. making commendable contribution in production of clean, green and renewable energy were conferred “Green Initiative Awards”



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