Guidelines for sugar mills to prevent electric breakdowns, accidents


Lucknow: The State Government is deeply concerned to avoid electricity related breakdowns and accidents in the sugar mills of Cooperative and Corporation sectors used to happen in past years. In this regard, Additional Chief Secretary, Sugar Industry and cane Development Department issued G.O. giving detailed instructions in this regard.

Giving detailed information, Additional Chief Secretary, Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy told that due to lack of earthing in the mills, voltage fluctuation causing short circuiting in electrical equipment and chances of accidents increases, due to which the loss of human life is also possible, In this regard, instructions have been issued to locate the earth pit and check the resistance which should be between 0.5 ohms to 5 ohms. Through this G.O. the Cooperative and Corporation sugar mills of the state have been directed for taking protective measures to avoid fault and mishappening occurring due to improper earthing on main panel board and DB, moisturized conditions around electrical boards and improper jointing of cables and lack of pest control measures. Instructions have been given for establishing earthing system as per IS 3043 code. The use of chemical electrode earthing as per IS 3043 code is better for this purpose.

Instructions have been given to check the terminal connections of all important Motors for eg. leveler, chopper, fibrizer during mill cleaning or in case of any downtime in the mill. All terminal connections of motor, DB and panel should be properly tightened to avoid sparking and short circuiting. All the compartment and top of main panel should be boxed and covered so that rats, snakes, lizard or deposition of ash and bagasse may not cause any short circuiting. The layers of ash and bagasse deposited on the surface of motors should be cleaned by air blowers. To keep dry the walls of main panel and DB, steam and water pipelines must be leak proof and the moisture of panel board and DB should be removed by using hot air blower from time to time.

Shri Bhoosreddy told that the temperature of all Motors should be regularly monitored in each shift by Electrician and it should be noted down in register so that in case of any unusual temperature, corrective measures may be taken timely. In main panel load should be equally distributed in all three phases and alternator, D.G. Set and heavy Motors should be cleaned in each and every shift. Unusable cable should be removed from open cable trenchs and all cable trenches should be covered by sand as per standard norms. All motor fans should have been covered to avoid any mishappening and standby motor/pump should also be used at regular intervals. Electrical security equipment’s like, relay, M.C.C.B. and fuses etc., in panel starter should be used as per standards and insulating and protective coatings antisieze spray should be used in insulation of starters.

Giving this information, Shri Bhoosreddy said that compliance with the above instructions will reduce the breakdowns in Sugar Mills and increase the capacity utilization of mills, which can lead to higher crushing of sugarcane and loss of human life due to electrical accident may also be avoided.

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