Guidelines issued by the Cane Department to control the sugarcane crops from dangerous Pyrilla pest


Lucknow: Commissioner Cane and Sugar, Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy has issued instructions to stop the pyrilla pest from becoming epidemic in the sugarcane crop. Giving detailed information in this regard, he said that the outbreak of Pyrilla pest has been observed in some sugarcane-dominated areas of the state. Pyrilla pests are a curse for sugarcane crop. Preventing its outbreak is extremely important because the humidity in the atmosphere and extreme day-to-day fluctuations in temperature are conducive to the outbreak of pests. If the outbreak of the said insect is found by the Scientists of U.P. Council of Sugarcane Research it is necessary to make proper arrangements to control it.

Mr.Bhoosreddy has also instructed the Departmental officers that in areas where the number of pyrilla’s natural enemies is negligible then according to the recommendation of the Sugarcane Research Council, sugar mills must ensure protection by power sprayers with 150-200 ml of Imidacloprid insecticide or 750 ml of profenophos in 600 liters of water, the sugarcane farmers should be advised to keep the field clean by immediately irrigating and weeding the fields affected by the pyrilla pest so that the parasitic insect Epirnicia melanoleuca cocoon can be rapidly increased. In the areas where there is more outbreak of pyrilla, instructions have also been given to contact immediately the Sugarcane Research Council to ensure necessary action in the areas where there is more outbreak of pyrilla.

The commissioner has also issued instructions to conduct intensive campaign in the areas affected by Pyrilla pests. Farmers awareness programmes should be conducted. Spreading awareness amongst the sugarcane farmers by sending SMS and promotional literature, and tell them about its predatory insects, egg parasites and nymph parasite epircenia. Emphasis should be given to natural control by making them aware about the measures for prevention. In all these activities, Compliance of social and physical distancing guidelines issued in connection with Covid-19 by Government of India and State should also be ensured.

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