Gujarat sugarcane harvesters seek higher wages

Ahmedabad: The new cane cutting season is nearing and the sugarcane harvesters from Dang district of South Gujarat claims they are getting less daily wages and are staging agitating to increase it.

Harvesters claim that they get Rs 119 per day and the government should pay them higher wages. Around 1.5 lakh labourers from Dang cater the need of sugar mills in Surat and Navsari districts.

“The wages we get were fixed six years ago. We are paid Rs 238 for every tonne of sugarcane harvesting, bundling and loading it in the truck. It requires the work of two persons. So per person, we get just Rs 119 per day,” said one of the agitating labourers.

A delegation of 150 labourers met Dang district collector to resolve the issue, but he asked them to discontinue the agitation.

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