Gujarat to set up 300 new CNG stations in next two years


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Gandhinagar, Jun 17 (UNI) Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Tuesday announced to start 300 new CNG filling stations in next two years in Gujarat.

The decision was taken in a high level meeting chaired by the CM to ensure ease in availability of CNG gas which would in turn ensure that people do not have to stand in long queues at the gas stations.

Mr Rupani also said that the new gas stations would be started under the CNG Sahayog Yojana, an initiative of Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL) and Sabarmati Gas Limited (SGL).

This decision would further strengthen the government’s resolve of creating a ‘Clean and Healthy Gujarat’.

Based on the co-operative model, the scheme is divided in two categories namely CNG Franchise and PSU-OMC dealer model. Online CNG stations (providing gas through pipeline) and Daughter Booster CNG stations fall under the latter. The gas stations would be set up near state highways and provide a substantial amount of revenue to the state government.

As many as 543 CNG stations have been set up in the state in the last 23 years, he stated.

The CM also announced to set up a PNG network for domestic users across the state.

At present, 13.50 lakh households avail the PNG, GGL and SGL aim to expand this to an additional 4.50 lakh households in the coming three years and plan to reach a target of extending their reach to 18 lakh households by 2022.

For availing the PNG connections, a deposit of Rs 1000 would be taken from families with an annual income up to Rs two lakh and Rs 5000 for families with annual income above Rs two lakh, he further stated.

The sale of gas in industrial sector has doubled this year, i.e from 40 lakh SCMD to 80 lakh SCMD.

Gujarat is the first state in India having approvals for the provision of City Gas distribution. As many as 1762 CNG stations have been set up in the India and Gujarat is at the top with 31 per cent ,i.e 542 CNG stations. Out of the 542 CNG stations, 62 per cent were operated by GGL and SGL and they reach to more than 3.50 lakh CNG operated vehicles with a daily average of 17.40 lakh kg of CNG gas.

The meeting was attended by Chief Principal Secretary to CM K Kailashnathan, Chief Secretary J N Singh, Principal Secretary M K Das, P.S of Energy Department Pankaj Joshi, M.D of GSPC Natrajan, CEO of GGL Nitin Patil and various other senior officers.


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