Guyana President assures to boost sugar industry

Dr. Mohammed Irfan Ali, new president of Guyana, has promised the citizens that he will ensure that the sugar industry gets uplift for the betterment of the stakeholders associated with the industry.  He was speaking during the inauguration ceremony on Saturday.

He said that the workers from the sugar industry are facing hardship due to the closure of the sugar industries by the previous government. The once-proud men are now jobless and searching for jobs to survive.”

Ali said, “The rash decision by the previous administration has placed anguish on almost 7,500 workers to earn a decent wage as well as feed their families, plunging many households into a finical depression.”

“No one took the initiative to restart the sugar sector that was profitable. The National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) has stripped off the assets of GuySuCo, ” he further added.

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