Haryana: Less sugarcane production impacts farmers, sugar mills

Yamunanagar: Farmers who grow sugarcane in Haryana have faced loss as compared to previous year. All 14 sugar mills in Haryana received less sugarcane this year than last year. This caused big losses for the mills too, reported Punjab Kesari.

Satpal Kaushik, a farmer leader in Haryana, said sugarcane farming has been losing money for many years. The government didn’t promise farmers a good price for sugarcane, and the weather wasn’t good either. Bugs and diseases also impacted the sugarcane crop. This year, Haryana had less sugarcane than last year. Most sugar mills in Haryana closed in March or the first week of April. They usually stay open until June. Both farmers and mills lost more than 500 crores this time.

Kaushik warned that if the government and mills don’t help farmers, sugarcane production in Haryana will go down even more. The government might have to buy sugar from other countries.


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