Haryana: Sugar mill introduces mobile app to ensure smooth sugarcane supply

Karnal, Haryana: Karnal Cooperative sugar mill has introduced user-friendly mobile app to ensure smooth sugarcane supply, reported Amar Ujala.

Farmers can now easily monitor the number of trolleys in the mill’s yard, facilitating a smoother experience when delivering sugarcane. Additionally, farmers can obtain online tokens from their homes. This initiative aims to eliminate the need for farmers to wait in line, offering a more efficient and convenient approach.

Scheduled to commence operations on November 14, sugar mill is leading the way in embracing technology to enhance the sugarcane procurement process. The mill’s managing director, Harendra Kumar, conducted a thorough inspection of the mill’s preparations in collaboration with other officials.

Traditionally, farmers faced challenges upon reaching sugar mills, encountering long queues and uncertainty about when their turn would come. The introduction of the mobile app, named Acme Ganna Karnal, addresses these issues by providing farmers with real-time information about the mill’s yard, allowing them to gauge the optimal time to deliver their sugarcane. For those who are not adept at using mobile apps, assistance centers have been established at the mill gates.

The mobile app, available for download on Google Play, requires farmers to enter a code and password provided by the sugar mill. For those unfamiliar with mobile apps, help desks have been set up at the mill gates to guide farmers through the process.

The app features several categories, including farmer details, yard status, token issuance, and information about issued receipts. This innovation aims to empower farmers by providing them with a transparent and efficient system, reducing the time spent waiting in lines and streamlining the overall sugarcane procurement process.


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