Haryana: Sugar mill takes the lead in water conservation

Yamunanagar, Haryana: As part of an initiative, Saraswati Sugar Mills (SSMs) in Yamunanagar is making notable progress in water conservation by employing several modern techniques. The mill has already set up 41 borewells in eight villages surrounding 11 ponds and plans to install 50 more borewells in selected villages this year, reported The Tribune.

In addition to aiding water conservation, the mill’s efforts will help reduce flooding and waterlogging in agricultural fields within its command area, which includes the entire Yamunanagar district and parts of Kurukshetra and Ambala districts.

“SSMs’ commitment to water conservation perfectly aligns with the government’s ‘Mera Pani Meri Virasat’ initiative,” stated DP Singh, senior vice-president (cane) of SSMs.

He mentioned that SSMs have led innovative projects to recharge aquifers and conserve water in various villages since 2019-20.

“In an impressive achievement, SSMs has installed 41 borewells in eight villages around 11 ponds to expedite percolation of pond overflow, significantly reducing the impact of floods,” said DP Singh.

He noted that this initiative had enabled an annual recharge of 35.9 lakh cubic meters of rainwater.

“The effects of SSMs’ efforts are significant. By directing excess rainwater into the ground, they have prevented flooding on approximately 2,000 hectares of agricultural land,” said DP Singh.

SK Sachdeva, the mill’s chief executive officer, said SSMs’ water conservation efforts would continue.

He stated that the mill was implementing sustainable solutions in response to this challenge. After a thorough feasibility study, they decided to install water recharge shafts as a long-term measure in flood-affected areas.


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