Haryana using drone technology to boost agriculture

Chandigarh (Punjab): The Haryana government is harnessing the potential of drone technology across diverse sectors, including mapping lands, fighting crime, and boosting agriculture, which will revolutionise agricultural practices and governance strategy.

The Drone Imaging and Information Systems of Haryana (DRIISHYA) Limited conducted a board of directors meeting on Tuesday, chaired by Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal, to explore ways to harness the potential of drone technology across diverse sectors.

From enhancing traffic and crime surveillance to revolutionising agricultural practices, drones are becoming an integral part of Haryana’s governance strategy.

Spearheading this technological revolution is DRIISHYA, a dedicated agency established to spearhead drone-related initiatives exploring hitherto untouched vistas.

In the meeting of the Board of Directors chaired by the Haryana Chief Secretary and Senior Vice Chairperson of DRIISHYA on Tuesday, important issues were discussed and decisions were taken.

In the meeting, Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal informed, “DRIISHYA is collaborating with DCP Traffic, Gurugram, to introduce drone-based land surveying on national highways. To cater to the escalating demand, the agency is set to augment its fleet with 20 new large-scale drones, in addition to six specialised agricultural drones designed for nano-fertilizer spraying demonstrations.”

“The recent recruitment drive saw DRIISHYA onboarding 20 drones and 16 co-pilots, following rigorous examinations conducted in partnership with DeenBandhu Chotu Ram University of Science and Technology, Murthal (Sonipat),” Kaushal said.

“Recognising the transformative potential of drone technology in agriculture, DRIISHYA has received a surge of requests, especially from farmers eager to master drone operations. The agency acknowledges the current training ground’s constraints and is actively scouting opportunities to establish dedicated training facilities, notably at the Horticulture University at Karnal,” he added.

He further added that such endeavours are poised to popularise drone technology. It will also enable end users, like farmers, to harness its benefits for optimising output.

It was apprised in the meeting that DRIISHYA’s accomplishments span across multiple domains. Their large-scale mapping initiatives have covered expansive regions, facilitating efficient land administration and urban planning, he said.

“Notably, areas like Bhiwani (90 sq km) and Gurugram (230 sq km) have witnessed comprehensive mapping efforts. Additionally, the agency has prioritised infrastructural integrity, as evident from the thermal inspections conducted on critical power lines like Gurgaon Daulatabad and Palwal Rajpura,” said Kaushal.

“Their training programmes have empowered a diverse cohort, ranging from co-pilots to external candidates and agriculturists. This knowledge dissemination is further underscored by their drone-assisted nano-fertilizer spraying initiative, which benefits 100 acres of farmland in Karnal. With a vision set on the horizon, DRIISHYA continues to champion drone technology, steering Haryana towards a technologically advanced and sustainable future,” he added.

On this occasion, Additional Chief Secretary of Revenue and Disaster Management and Consolidation Department, TVSN Prasad, Additional Chief Secretary, of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Department, Sudhir Rajpal, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, V Umashankar, CEO (Designate) of Drone Imaging and Information Systems of Haryana Ltd. (DRIISHYA), TL Satyaprakash and other senior officers were also present. (ANI)

(With inputs from ANI)


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