Haryana: Workers suspended in case of sugar mill’s machine fire

In a recent incident at the Sonipat Cooperative Sugar Mill in Haryana, three workers have come under scrutiny after a fire broke out in one of the machines, reported Amar Ujala.

Furthermore, the Cooperative Sugar Mill Federation Limited (Sugarfed) has been formally contacted to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. The incident occurred on October 21 at approximately 3:30 AM when a fire erupted in a machine due to a short circuit at the factory located on Kami Road.

The fire was reported to the fire department by the local administration, prompting the arrival of two fire department vehicles at the scene. Within about an hour, the fire was brought under control. At present, the mill’s administration is actively working to determine the causes of the fire within the machine.

The mill administration has filed a complaint with the local police station, the City Thana, to register a case against those who failed to report the fire. In the interest of a comprehensive investigation, the Managing Director has also written to Sugarfed for a high-level inquiry.



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