Here Is World’s Tallest Sugarcane; Crowd Gathers To See It


Pune: You must have seen lots of sugarcane, but have you ever witnessed sugarcane with a height of 40 feet? Yes, you have heard it right. In an agricultural expo in Baramati near Pune, sugarcane with a height of 40 feet has become the centre of attention and it is said to be world’s tallest sugarcane. Farmers from various regions are visiting in large numbers only to see the tall sugarcane presented at the exhibition.

Rajendra Yadav had planted a cane in front of his house, which has been growing steadily for the last two years. Normally sugarcane usually increased by 14 to 15 feet, but this crop has risen to 40 feet, and it is being expected to grow further.

Rajendra said, “Few days after planting sugarcane we noticed that it started tilting by attending height of 7 to 8 feet. So we surrounded it by a protective fence. After that, the sugarcane is rapidly growing. It is clear, if sugarcane gets good amount of water then it will grow better. We never thought that it would increase to 40 feet. It may increase even more. That’s why I brought it in the agricultural expo.”

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