Himachal Pradesh: Sugar not available at fair price shops in state, says MLA Satpal Singh

Una MLA Satpal Singh Satti criticized the state Civil Supplies Corporation, highlighting lack of operational efficiency during a media briefing today. He pointed out delays in processing tenders for edible oils and pending approval for sugar prices under the Public Distribution System (PDS), reported The Tribune.

Satti noted that this situation had led to shortages of essential items like refined oil, mustard oil, and sugar at fair price shops across the state. As a result, consumers were compelled to purchase these items at higher prices from the open market, exacerbating their financial burden.

He further disclosed that edible oil and sugar stocks were depleted in the corporation’s warehouses, suggesting that these essential commodities might remain scarce for the coming months.

Accusing the state’s Congress government of favoritism, Satti described it as a government that solely benefited its allies and associates. He criticized the administration as being “for the friends, by the friends, and of the friends,” implying that those close to the ruling party had reaped the most benefits during the government’s 18-month tenure.


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