Honeywell using new technologies for sustainable future

Honeywell is working towards achieving the long-term goal set by the Paris Agreement on climate change to lower greenhouse gas emissions and establish a carbon-neutral economy by 2050, reports Outlookindia.

In 2020 the company announced innovative ethanol-to-jet fuel (ETJ) processing technology that can be used to convert corn-based, cellulose or sugar-based ethanol into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Jet fuel produced from Honeywell’s ethanol-to-jet fuel process can lower the emission of greenhouse gas (GHG) by 80%, compared to jet fuel based on petroleum.

Ashish Gaikwad, Managing Director, Honeywell Automation India Limited, said: “Our Company is committed to supporting industry-wide change and our engineers are developing sustainable solutions for both India and the global market.”


  1. Honey well is doing good service through Technology for Biofuels .At the same time it should try to see the health of Agriculture producers who are backbone of the Earth particularly Sugar Cane and Starch based Cassava are paid at RS RS 3.50 per kg where as Green chillies ,Brinjals ,Lady fingers etc are sold more than RS 10 to 20 per kg which are short term Crops .Technology to be revamped particularly in Soil regeneration and Agriculture .


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