I am reasonably confident that 20 per cent ethanol blending target will be completed by 2025: Hardeep Singh Puri

Bhartiya Janata Party leader and Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Tuesday assumed charge as the Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas in the Modi 3.0 government.

After taking the charge, he said, “Oil production from the 98/2 well will increase to 45,000 barrels per day very soon and gas production will also start soon… We were able to cross 15 per cent of ethanol blending. As you know, the Prime Minister had set a target of 20 per cent blending by 2030…On the basis of what I have seen and the basis of the work in progress, I am reasonably confident that the 20 per cent blending target, which was brought forward from 2030 to 2025, will be completed by 2025.”

“As you know, the Prime Minister had set a target of 20 pre-blending by 2030. In the month of May only, we have crossed the mark of 15 per cent ethanol blending,” minister further added.

Additionally, according to the latest Ready Reckoner report from the Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell (PPAC), India is on track to achieve 20% blending by 2025, and E20 petrol is already available at 13,569 PSU outlets out of 81,529 total PSU Retail Outlets as of 30/04/2024. Successful Pilot Studies on E27 Fuel and Ethanol Blended Diesel Fuel have also taken place in the country.

To achieve the target of 20% blending by 2025, about 1016 crore litres of ethanol are required, and the total requirement of ethanol including for other uses is 1350 crore litres. For this, about 1700 crore liters of ethanol-producing capacity are required to be in place by 2025, considering the plant operates at 80% efficiency. The Government has estimated the demand for ethanol required for 20% blending by 2025, keeping in view the growth of petrol-based vehicles in two-wheeler and passenger vehicle segments and the projected sale of Motor Spirit (MS).


  1. Sir. Excellent Target to blend 20 Per cent ethanol upto 2025. I request that with little efforts the blending can be 30 per cent upto 2025. However, we must produce maximum ethanol from sugar cane crop instead of grain based and that is most practical and economical.Dr.Patil A.S.

  2. Maize prices are at record high coz of ethenol manufacturing. Chicken feed prices are at Life time high. Polutery farmers are making losses . Govt is sleeping . No proper planning by govt to enhance grain production. Stupid policies by g.o.india.

  3. Dr AS Patil,
    Shall you please give you datamatics of what you said. The ups & down of Sugarcane Crop Vs varital change / propogation also comes in this lean period…so a policy of commodity Sugar, Wheat & Rice and these Vs requirement of BH, CH, Juice , Grain (BR, Maize etc) for 30% blending. This will be combo efforts and not only single stream can take up target. Commodity balance of Sugar Vs Grain….needs a balance, so promotion of maize, other genetic grain along with some non-eatable/BR rice are being excersised….this is good so as BH- Juice can not do such volumatic impact in lean period alone to reach 30% next goal.

  4. Sir excellent achievement by NDA Gov. This year mansoon comes on time so cane production average rise. Chance to use syrup and b heavy molasses in large quantity for distillation.Installed capacity of distilleries also increased. Easy way to achieve 20 percent blending upto 2025. Directly cane farmer grower get large benefit because it’s payment come fast fast from OMC. It’s help to boost co operative Mills also sector.

    • True, Basically India is highest oil importing country in the world and our precious foreign exchange is using for the same. To reduce the burden we have to blend the ethanol with fossil fuel , go for renewable energy like Wind, Solar ,green hydrogen etc in big way. Then we can reduce our balance of payment problem.
      Govt has to look into entire 140 cr population of our country,and control the prices of all commodities such as Sugar ,cereals etc , presently 20% blending is sufficient.

  5. Sir. It is a fact that maize crop reduces the soil fertility three times more than sugar cane. Sugar cane crop helps to increase the soil fertility. I am against any crop ,however planning is needed. Further, sugar cane never required more or excess water. We must plan for schedules of irrigation. It is suggested that government and private irrigation companies must control the irrigation water schedules on a block basis with modern irrigation systems. Tne maintaince of irrigation system must be done by the company ,who supplied the irrigation system. No electricity charges to farmers. Best Wishes for long planning.

  6. Sir. India is very excellent country in sugar cane and sugar research and it’s implementation. Our sugar cane varieties from ICAR-SBI Coimbatore, ICAR -IISR, Lucknow and states regional centres like VSI,Pune ,CSRS,Padegaon, etc. are best. The only thing I suggested is planning and it’s implementation for varietal per cent for each area or sugar unit alongwith integrated, classical, global and Universal way for sufficient production and export of it to many countries. The export of sugar,ethanol,rice,wheat,cotton etc. is possible by big way. No doubt the government efforts are good . Best Wishes.


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