I hope this initiative will enable people to understand the beauty of the sugar industry: Maharashtra Sugar Commissioner


With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s launched Swachh Bharat Abhiyan for a cleaner India with much fanfare, the Indian sugar industry has tried to extend its bit too.

The sugar commissioner of Maharashtra state has begun with the beautification right from his office doorstep. However, the commissioner’s creative mind has astonished citizens around the city of Pune and people among the Indian sugar industry.

The walls outside the compound of Maharashtra State Sugar Complex in Pune are undergoing a revamp under the guidance of the sugar commissioner. The artists from Sangli have illustrated the beautiful graffiti which showcases the journey from sugarcane cultivation to reaching out to consumers.

Artists Vijay Jadhav and Vijaykumar Bhatkar, who spearheaded the effort to portray the functioning of the industry through graffiti said, “The commissioner wanted us to beautify the walls of the complex; we have tried our best to paint what he has imagined. We have painted the entire value chain of the sugar industry right from harvesting of sugarcane by farmers till the new initiative of retail of sugar announced by Gaikwad sir.”

“We have presented our work in many national exhibitions around the country; however, working collaboratively for this task was pleasing because we have been able to depict each and every character in this industry possible.” they further added.

In a conversation with ChiniMandi.com, Mr.Shekhar Gaikwad – Commissioner of Sugar, Maharashtra State said, “This was an initiative as part of social responsibility. The reason for picking this idea was as one effort in branding and exhibiting the beauty of the Indian sugar industry and the various channels of this value chain. I hope this initiative will enable people to understand the beauty of the sugar industry, the potential and value that the industry is adding to the Indian economy and apart from all this; it is so heartwarming to take a glance of the entire community of sugar industry while entering the “Sakhar Ayuktalaya” instead of seeing walls filled with posters.” 

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