IARI working on short-duration high-yielding rice variety to address stubble burning issue

New Delhi: Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) is trying a breeding programme to get higher yield in the short-duration rice varieties to help farmers easily shift from the long-duration PUSA-44 variety, reports Hindustan Times. It will also help to address stubble burning issue.

Presently farmers are opting for long-duration PUSA-44 variety. Stubble burning in Punjab and other parts of the country are the major reason for air pollution which is caused due to long duration high yielding a variety of rice, especially PUSA-44.

This variety matures in 155 days providing less time for Stubble management.

Short-duration varieties of IARI mature in 120 days and they have been introduced in Punjab. Out of a total of 32 lakh hectares under paddy cultivation, these varieties are grown on 5-6 lakh hectares.

Short-duration variety provides farmers with 25 days to manage stubble as well as lowers the use of irrigation costs and saves input costs.


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