Malawi: Immigration Department arrests foreign workers in sugar factory raid

Malawi: According to the media report, in a raid conducted by the officials of the Immigration Department at the Salima sugar Factory, 67 foreign workers were found working illegally without having a work permit. They have been arrested by the officials. The immigration department conducted the raid a day after Richard Banda, Minister of Homeland Security visited the factory.

The media report further added, “After Banda discovered that foreign nationals are working in the mill without work permits as required by law, the department blocked all the exits of the mill premises ensuring that no one escapes. During checking, they found 67 persons without having valid work permits in the mill premises.”

Elack Banda, spokesperson of the Immigration Department said, “Those arrested are male Indians who came into the country and have been working without employment permits. Action has been initiated against them under section 21(1) of the Immigration Act which makes it necessary for foreign nationals to have employment permit to work in Malawi.”

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