Implementation of the new system eradicates cane mafia in Uttar Pradesh


Lucknow: The decisions taken by Hon’ble Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath in the interest of sugarcane farmers and the tireless efforts put by Hon’ble Minister Shri Suresh Rana, better results are coming by transparent working under ERP system.

Providing detailed information in this regard commissioner, Cane and Sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy said, that better results are coming through transparent working under the new ERP system and new arrangements for purchie issuance by Cooperative cane societies. It is noteworthy that for more than two decades, the work of issuing Ganna purchie for cane supply was being done by the sugar mills and they misused this right, due to which the number of cane mafias started to increase because of  their nexus with sugar mills. With a view to curb the sugarcane mafia, the State Government has decide to return the work of issuing ganna purchie to cane societies and adopted a transparent and computerized system of ERP So that the farmers get the paper purchie along with the SMS at the real time, on their mobile phones. By which On an average, 07 percent more sugarcane weight gained due to reduction in driage after cane harvesting .

Shri Bhoosreddy also mentioned that with the implementation of the new ERP system, the cane mafias has been eradicated. In the last two years 8,12,065 farmers became new cane societies members and about 3,29,317 fake bonds has been closed. Cane farmers are easily getting all the information related to their survey, Satta, calendar, purchie etc. through web portal and on E-Ganna app. Under the transparent system, any farmer can see his or other farmers information related to survey, Satta, calendar purchie etc .

This year 47.22 lakh sugarcane farmers were bonded as compared to the previous years, in which 10.31 lakh are small farmers and about  4.11 crore ganna purchies has been issued . About 13 lakh sugarcane farmers have downloaded E-Ganna app and this app has been hit about 23.16 crores times by the farmers. There have been 5.05 crore Grower hits on the web portal As a result of this new ERP system, Cane farmers are supplying their cane at the right time to sugar mills. Due to which the sugarcane farmer is completely satisfied with the new ERP system.

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