In Mexico, Sugar Price Increases 23 Per Cent Due To This Reason 

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The situation prevailing in the sugar industry across the world seems not to be satisfactory. Not only India but other major sugar-producing countries are also suffering from financial distress. Mexico is one of them.

According to El Universal news website, in Mexico, the blockade of sugar warehouses by sugarcane growers has not only affected the local distribution and exports of the sweetener but also made the sugar prices jump 23 per cent high.

According to data from the National System of Information and Market Integration (SNIIM), the bag of 50 kilograms of sugar in many supply centers in Mexico has been increased from MXN589 (US$30.39) to MXN720 (US$37.15) in the recent week.

It has been more than three weeks; the Sugarcane growers in Mexico have been blocking warehouses of Mexican sugar mills. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has recently promised to protect local sugar producers but said that international trade agreements would be respected.

An agency proposed that the Mexican government should negotiate with domestic beverage bottling companies to reduce imports of corn syrup and replace it with sugar. The consultancy group also suggests the use of labels in processed food items to identify which products have sugar and the ones that use high fructose corn syrup.

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