Increase in ethanol production can help reduce the import of crude oil: PM Modi


Hike in ethanol production will help in reducing expenditure on import of crude oil and will increase the income of farmers, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Addressing a public meeting here after dedicating to the nation three mega projects, he said,“India’s expenditure on crude oil is around Rs 5-7 lakh crore and this can be reduced by increasing ethanol and Biofuel production.”

According to the news agency PTI, Modi said, “Uttar Pradesh was sending 20 crore litres of ethanol to oil companies when the state was not under BJP but since our party came to power, UP is sending 100 crore litre ethanol to oil companies.”

He emphasized that the Purvanchal is the bastion of sugarcane farmers and can lead in the country in ethanol production.


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