India allows export of wheat flour produced from imported wheat under an advance authorization scheme

The Indian government has decided to allow the export of wheat flour produced from imported wheat under the advance authorization scheme by export-oriented units and firms in special economic zones (SEZs), reports Economic Times.

As per the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), these organisations are allowed to export flour made from imported wheat and not from wheat procured from domestic markets.

As per the authorization scheme, the organisations are allowed to import inputs duty-free that are used in the products which can be exported within a specific period. Such products are not allowed to sell in the domestic market.

India on May 13 had banned the export of wheat amid rising prices of the commodity in the domestic market. In August, the government prohibited exports of wheat flour, maida, wholemeal aata and semolina.

The DGFT has amended the August 27 notification stating that the export of wheat flour will be allowed through advance authorization by export-oriented units and units in SEZs to be produced from imported wheat and without the procurement of domestic wheat.


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