India and Seychelles to conduct joint project for introduction of biofuels

Betul: India and Seychelles are set to collaborate on a joint project aimed at introducing biofuels in the island nation within the next year, as confirmed by Seychelles’ Minister of Energy, Climate Change and Agriculture, Flavien P Joubert. The announcement was made on the sidelines of the 2024 India Energy Week, reported Business Standard.

Despite Seychelles joining the India-led Global Biofuel Alliance last year, the adoption of alternative fuels is yet to commence. Minister Joubert emphasized the need for a thorough assessment to ensure the project’s economic viability. He stated, “We will decide whether to import biofuel or produce it from waste products on a national level.” Compressed biogas technology is a key focus for Seychelles, offering a potential solution to the country’s significant green waste issue, accounting for 40% of total waste.

The historical relationship between India and Seychelles, established in 1976, continues to strengthen. Seychelles hold strategic importance for India, situated near crucial global shipping and commerce routes, serving as a pivotal base in combating sea-borne terrorism and piracy in the Indian Ocean Region.



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