India attracts $67.54 billion FDI in 9M FY21


New Delhi [India], March 4 (ANI): India attracted foreign direct investments (FDIs) totalling 67.54 billion dollars from April to December last year, marking the highest ever amount for first ninth months of a financial year, the government said on Thursday.

The amount was 22 per cent higher as compared to 55.14 billion dollars received in first ninth months of 2019-20, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
The FDI equity inflow grew by 40 per cent to 51.47 billion dollars in first nine months of FY21 as compared to 36.77 billion dollars in the year ago period.

The FDI inflow increased by 37 per cent in third quarter of 2020-21 (26.16 billion dollars) compared to third quarter of 2019-20 (19.09 billion dollars).

In December, the FDI inflow increased by 24 per cent to 9.22 billion dollars as against 7.46 billion dollars in the same period of previous year.

“Measures taken by the government on policy reforms, investment facilitation and ease of doing business have resulted in increased FDI inflows into the country,” said the statement.

“These trends in India’s FDI are an endorsement of its status as a preferred investment destination among global investors.” (ANI)


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