India must aim for attracting largest FDI share in the World: Ravi Shankar Prasad


New Delhi: Union Minister of Communications Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad today said that India is the second-largest telecommunications market and is on the cusp of transformational change which will require additional FDI in the sector. Addressing a seminar on INVEST DIGICOMM 2019 here, he said that the recent decision on reduction of the corporate tax has made India a more attractive destination for FDI and it should aim for the largest FDI share in the world. He said, given the recent announcements on tax relief for manufacturing, India has the same tax regime as Vietnam and Thailand. He said, the country offers a huge market for companies like Apple and others to make for India and also export and added that Apple has started production in India in a very effective way.

The Minister said FDI has seen a jump over the last few years and grossed USD 64 billion in FY19. Telecom sector attracted FDI worth USD 2.67 billion, and in electronics, computer software and hardware of USD 6.4 billion.

Referring to the Prime Minister’s vision of Digital India, the Minister said emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT will play a crucial role in the Indian ICT sector and will contribute over 1 trillion-dollar to the overall planned target of 5 trillion—dollar economy by 2024. Shri Prasad said that it is the most opportune time for the investors across the world to be part of the growth story of Indian Telecom and Government of India will be happy to welcome and facilitate FDI in this sector.

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