India to assist Fiji’s sugarcane farmers to study sugar industry

Fourteen sugarcane farmers from Fiji are will be in India to participate in a two-week customised course exclusively tailored for Fijians under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme, facilitated by the Government of India, reported Fiji Village.

Minister for Sugar Industry, Charan Jeath Singh, announced the initiative yesterday, highlighting that the programme is fully funded by the Indian High Commission in Fiji. Singh emphasized that the scholarship opportunity aims to enhance the farmers’ understanding of the industry.

Singh revealed that over the last 16 to 20 years, the previous government failed to utilize the scholarships provided, resulting in a reduction of the annual quota from 100 to 35 seats. He pointed out that while Fiji uses 12 tonnes of cane to produce 1 tonne of sugar, India achieves the same output with just 8 tonnes of cane, crediting advanced technology and farming practices for India’s success.

The minister expressed expectations that the participating farmers will glean valuable insights from India’s sugar industry advancements. The programme, to be conducted by the National Sugar Institute in Kanpur, renowned for its expertise in the field, will offer farmers opportunities to visit various facilities and farms in and around Kanpur.

The Indian High Commission in Fiji underscored the enriching nature of the programme for the Sugar Cane Growers Council of Fiji and the farmers, anticipating a positive impact on sugar production in Fiji. Additionally, four field staff members from the Sugarcane Growers Council will accompany the farmers on this educational venture.


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