India will be world’s fastest-growing economy in 2022: Amit Shah


New Delhi [India], December 17 (ANI): Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah on Friday asserted that “India will be the world’s fastest-growing economy in 2022”.

The Home Minister, while speaking after inaugurating the 94th Annual Conference (AGM) of FICCI, said that India emerged first in the world from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the policy decisions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Suggesting that Institutions like FICCI should make efforts to increase Research and Development capital investment as per policy decisions, the Home Minister stressed on the need for the development of the poor as an essential move for the improvement of the economy.

“Investment in poor welfare increases Gross Domestic Product (GDP),” said Shah, adding “PM Modi gave a humane face to GDP”.

The Home Minister later said that the policy decisions taken by PM Modi will “make India number one in the 100th year of independence”.

Noting many difficulties, the Minister said the roots of democracy have deepened in our country, and that “democracy has reached every village and we have made it our nature”.

In 75 years of independence, Shah said 17 Lok Sabha elections were held, 22 governments were formed and people gave PM Modi a chance with full majority to run the country twice.

The Home Minister said that the country had not seen a decisive government with an absolute majority for 30 years before 2014, and everyone believed that “the government had undergone policy paralysis”.

The Minister said that the investors lost confidence, crony capitalism was at its peak, inflation was skyrocketing, we were nowhere to be found in the ease of doing business, the banking system was in shambles, and along with it, 12 lakh crore scams as well as corruption.

“The whole system had collapsed and the people of the country had lost faith in the government,” said Shah.

The constitutional term of the government is five years but when the government loses the trust of the people, the soul of the government is no more and the government which does not have a soul, that government cannot take decisions and make changes, added the Minister.

Referring to the Modi government’s working style, the Home Minister mentioned that “critics also have to accept that in our seven-year government, a lot has changed”.

“This government has not been accused of any corruption, you may find the decision wrong but no one can say that the intention is wrong,” said the Minister. (ANI)



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