Indian among 11 killed in Tanzania sugar factory explosion

At least 11 people were killed and two others injured following a blast at a Tanzanian sugar factory in Turiani, Morogoro, as confirmed by the Fire and Rescue Brigade.

As per media report, Citizen from Kenya and India were among those killed in the factory accident.

The incident occurred when the heating system at Mtibwa sugar factory exploded while workers were preparing to start sugar production.

Speaking to The Citizen on Thursday, Morogoro Regional Fire and Rescue Commander Shaban Marugujo stated that the explosion happened at 1:00 am.

“It is true that 11 people have died, and two others were injured after the heating pipe exploded while they were preparing for sugar production at the factory. It should be understood that for sugar to be processed, a certain temperature level must be reached,” Mr. Marugujo explained.

As per media report, the cause of the explosion remains unknown, and investigations have been initiated.

“We deployed a team to the scene of the accident soon after we received reports. We will release an official report once the investigation is complete,” he added.


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