Indian sugar industry to function amid lock-down in country


“Sugar and sugarcane crops are predominant parts of the Essential Commodity Act 1955, and therefore sugar mills across India which have not yet completed their sugarcane crushing operations will continue to operate. The standing sugarcane crop of farmers must be crushed by millers and we are in talks with the Government to take steps ensuring that farmers are not agonized. Considering the lockdown announced , the transportation of sugar will also remain to be functional and will rescue the sugar industry from being more affected during these tough times that have been witnessed because of coronavirus pandemic.” said Mr.Prakash Naiknavare, Managing Director – National Fedearation of Cooperative Sugar Factories.

The Government has taken a propitious step of extending the period for selling the sugar sale quota of March 2020. This has certainly given a relief to sugar millers across the country to sell their sugar stocks. This measure has prevented the sugar millers from facing financial pressure and undercuts or selling below the Minimum Selling Price (MSP) of sugar. In the coming days, the industry will surely witness fresh buying owing to the natural summer demand.“ He added.

According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs Order No.40-3/2020-D dated 24/03/2020 on the measures to be taken for containment of COVID-19 pandemic in the country, mentioned that industrial establishments would be remain closed however clause 5(a) and 6(a) that reads “Manufacturing of essential commodities” and “Transportation of essential goods” will be exempted.

To view the Order on Guidelines for measures on containment on COVID – 19


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