Indian sugar mills produce 176.83 lakh tonnes sugar so far


According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association, 491 sugar mills are in operation in the country as on 31st January 2021 and have produced 176.83 lakh tonnes of sugar, as compared to 141.04 lakh tonnes produced by 447 sugar mills as on 31st January’ 2020.

In Maharashtra, sugar production till 31st January 2021is reported at 63.80lakh tonnes, compared with 34.64 lakh tonnes produced last year same period. In the current season 182 sugar mills are in operation, while on the corresponding date last season 140 mills were in operation.

In U.P.,120sugar mills are in operation and they have produced 54.43 lakh tonnes of sugar till 31st January 2021, compared with 54.96 lakh tonnes produced by 119 mills on the corresponding date of last year.

In case of Karnataka, till 31st January, 2021, 66sugar mills have produced 34.38 lakh tonnes, as compared to 27.94 lakh tonnes produced by 63 sugar mills last year same period.

Gujarat has produced 5.55 lakh tonnes of sugar till 31st January 2021 with 15sugar mills in operation. Last year, similar number of sugar mills were in operation and they had produced 4.87 lakh tonnes of sugar till 31st January 2020.

In Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, 37 sugar mills are in operation and have produced 3.56 lakh tonnes as on 31st January 2021, as compared to 4.39 lakh tonnes produced by 39 sugar million the corresponding date last season.

The remaining states of Bihar, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Odisha have collectively produced 15.11 lakh tonnes of sugar till 31st January, 2021.


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