India’s agricultural exports surge: APEDA witness remarkable growth across multiple sectors

New Delhi [India], December 22 (ANI): The Ministry of Commerce and Industry reported substantial growth in key categories, demonstrating the country’s resilience and competitiveness in the global market.

According to a press release by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the data from April to November 2023 reveals remarkable progress in various agricultural products, with Oil Meals and Fruits and vegetables leading the way with growth rates of 34.33 per cent and 15.10 per cent, respectively.

Among the noteworthy performances, Basmati rice exports, overseen by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), recorded a commendable 16 per cent growth.

Basmati Rice Exports, based on the Rice Exporters Association data, witnessed a robust 20 per cent increase from April to December 8 compared to the same period last year, read the press release.

APEDA’s contribution to the exports of Parboiled Rice, recorded at an 8-digit level, experienced significant growth, surging by 21.54 per cent from April to September 2023 compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.

The export of fresh fruits and vegetables increased by 15.10 per cent from April to October, reflecting India’s expanding market reach, now supplying fresh fruits to 111 countries, up from 102 destinations in the same period last year.

Major contributors to this growth include Grapes, bananas, and pomegranates.

Poultry product exports saw an impressive surge of 41 per cent, expanding from 43 to 50 destinations.

Notable increases were witnessed in exports to key countries, including Oman (61.61 per cent), Japan (112.0 per cent), Maldives (32.10 per cent), Indonesia (20.44 per cent), UAE (94.17 per cent), Qatar (74.14 per cent), and Vietnam (9.95 per cent), read the press release.

India played a crucial role in supporting Sri Lanka during its economic crisis by supplying eggs, contributing to the overall augmentation in poultry product exports.

The export of groundnuts witnessed a remarkable 41 per cent increase, reaching 65 countries, up from 50 destinations in the previous year.

Other notable increases were recorded in the export of buffalo meat (11.3 per cent), sheep/goat meat (10 per cent), Cocoa products (18.13 per cent), and alcoholic beverages (21.7 per cent) during the period from April to October 2023 compared to the corresponding last period, read the press release.

The overall value of agricultural exports reached USD 53.1 billion in the fiscal year 2022-23, with APEDA contributing significantly, accounting for 50.2 per cent.

In the period from April to October 2023 of the fiscal year 2023-24, agricultural exports reached USD 27.3 billion, with APEDA’s share increasing to 51 per cent.

APEDA has been proactive in promoting diverse products and exploring new markets.

Notable initiatives include the first-ever export of “Fresh Potato” from Purvanchal to the Gulf Nation (UAE), the export of water chestnut from LBSI Airport Varanasi to UAE, and the flag-off of marigold from Varanasi to Sharjah, read the press release.

The organization also organized the first-ever export of banana plant derivatives, potato, hog plum, cranberry, fresh vegetables, and yellow watermelon to various destinations.

APEDA has undertaken strategic initiatives to further boost agri-exports, such as signing the Preclearance Cooperator Payment Plan with USDA APHIS for the mango and pomegranate preclearance program for export to the USA in FY 2024.

Additionally, efforts to increase laboratories for testing organic products have been successful, increasing the number of organic laboratories from 38 to 62.

APEDA’s presence in international forums, such as the 46th Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission at FAO, Rome, reflects India’s active role in shaping global agricultural standards. (ANI)




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