India’s first advance sugar refinery unit set up at National Sugar Institute


Kanpur: A 10 tons per day sugar refinery is being set up at National Sugar Institute, Kanpur. The work for the same started on October 14 at the existing Experimental Sugar Factory of the institute by M/s Chemical System Technologies, New Delhi. The erection work is likely to be completed by mid January 2020 and it will start production by the end of January 2020. The sugar refined sugar unit is being installed so as to provide on the job training to the students of various courses. For producing such sugar, during the first stage, raw sugar shall be produced from sugarcane juice and thereafter the raw sugar so produced shall be melted, melt to be clarified by using lime and phosphoric acid, decolorizing the clarified sugar melt and then converting it into refined sugar by crystallization.

The sugar refinery is being set up adopting most modern processing technique and efficient process equipments. We are investing over Rs 250 lakhs for the same and for the first time in the country the refined sugar unit is being set up with two distinct de-colorization techniques, one based on use of ion exchange resins and deep bed filters while the other process incorporates use of active carbons & membrane filters, said Prof. Narendra Mohan, Director, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur.

Since due to sugar surplus, our country is eying on exports and since in the international market, sugar is mostly traded as raw sugar or refined sugar, it was considered essential to provide practical training to the students, he added. The refined sugar so produced shall be used for producing other flavored and fortified sugars. The process also ensures environment protection and necessary effluent treatment system is also being added.

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